Power Evolved.

It is all about relationships

By forging lasting relationships with communities and government entities, SouthWestern Power Group II, LLC (SWPG) has distinguished itself as a loyal and dedicated participant in the growing energy market in the U.S. The Company's consistent strategy, places a primary focus on locating power generation facilities to maximize and enhance electrical systems nationwide.

Through adherence to operational and financial performance expectations, SWPG maintains strong customer service, manages expenditure levels, strengthens regulatory relationships and maintains a consistent development standard.

Our people power the future

By maximizing the unique talents of a select and qualified work force, SWPG reaps the rewards of win-win negotiations and positive relationships day in and day out. Each employee brings to the Company a distinct quality of leadership, knowledge and industry experience which, when combined, delivers reliable results. At SWPG, our people not only power the future, they are the future of power.

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