Two Unique Solutions to New Mexico & Arizona Renewable Energy Needs

RioSol and SunZia to help both states meet renewable energy goals

FOR RELEASE: May 1, 2023

Media Contact: Tom Garrity, 505-898-8689,

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – From the beginning, the SunZia and RioSol clean energy power line projects were designed to complement one another. Envisioned by SouthWestern Power Group, both Line 1 and Line 2 lived under the SunZia brand until Pattern Energy acquired Line 1 and the SunZia name.  That created the opportunity for Line 2 to be named RioSol.  Both Line 1 and Line 2 will span from Central New Mexico to South Central Arizona. Both lines are included as a part of the same federal right-of-way permit, environmental impact statement and record of decision that will be issued by the Bureau of Land Management.

SunZia (Line 1) is a High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission line, the most effective at carrying energy over long distances. Rio Sol (Line 2) is a High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) transmission line, the most effective at delivering clean energy to rural communities and towns in New Mexico and Arizona. Both lines have been in development since 2008.

RioSol’s HVAC design will allow for multiple points of interconnection from regional electric utilities in New Mexico and Arizona because much of the established power grid leverages alternating current transmission lines. This means that local communities can tap into this clean energy and deliver it to homes and small businesses in the area.

The two lines are planned to also share a route and be structurally similar, minimizing the environmental impacts and footprint of the project. Below is a comparison chart between RioSol (line two) and SunZia (line one):

Voltage500 HVAC525 HVDC
Capacity1500 MW3000 MW
Eastern TerminusTorrance County, NM (Planned)Torrance County, NM
Western TerminusPinal County, AZ (Planned)Pinal County, AZ
Approximate Distance550 Miles550 Miles
Number of Substations5 planned2 planned


SouthWestern Power Group’s General Manager David Getts says, “the way both clean lines complement each other was purposeful in its intent and design. RioSol is bringing renewable energy to our rural communities, in some cases for the first time.” Getts continued, “The need for renewable energy in every community is greater than it ever has been. And with this project, we can help both New Mexico and Arizona meet their environmental goals.”

The RioSol clean line will transport up to 1,500 megawatts of renewable energy, which will power approximately 500 thousand Southwestern homes.

About RioSol

RioSol is a planned 500-kilovolt (Kv) High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) renewable energy transmission line that will deliver clean energy Central New Mexico to South Central Arizona. For project details visit RioSol.Energy and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn @RioSolEnergy.

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