Our Projects

RioSol Transmission

Delivering Clean Energy for New Mexico & Arizona

SouthWestern Power Group is the developer of the RioSol Transmission Project, a 550-mile High Voltage Alternating Current Transmission project which will transport energy to customers in Arizona and New Mexico. This line will parallel the SunZia project.

SunZia Southwest Transmission Project

Delivering Clean Energy to the West

SouthWestern Power Group was the original developer of the SunZia Southwest Transmission Project, which will transport energy from Arizona and New Mexico to customers and markets across the Desert Southwest. SunZia was comprised of two extra high voltage lines and the first line was acquired by Pattern Energy. Learn more about the status of the first line at sunzia.com. SouthWestern Power Group will continue to develop the second line, now called El Rio Sol.

We sold the SunZia Transmission Project to Pattern Energy in July 2022.

Agua Fria Energy

Developing the Energy Potential of the Southwest

Agua Fria Energy is SWPG’s generation development arm focused on developing large-scale wind, solar, and energy storage projects in New Mexico and Arizona.

Past Projects

Gila River Power Station

2,200 MW

SWPG was the original developer of Arizona’s largest natural gas-fired generation project which commenced operations in 2003. SWPG conceived the project, found the site, started the permitting and subsequently sold the project to Panda Energy International in 2001.

Sandow 5

600 MW

SWPG, in partnership with Genova Power, developed a lignite-fired, circulating fluidized bed boiler generation project at the Alcoa Rockdale aluminum smelter in Milam County Texas, which commenced operating in 2009. SWPG sold the project to Luminant in 2005. The project was retired and decommissioned in 2018.

Campo Verde Solar

140 MW

SWPG and its affiliate MMR Power Solutions, in partnership with Bethel Energy, developed a 140 MW AC solar energy project located near El Centro in Imperial Valley, CA.   Originally a solar thermal project with a biomass component, SWPG/MMR revised the project concept from solar thermal to solar PV.  The project commenced operating in 2013.  SWPG/MMR sold the project to First Solar in 2011 who completed development and built the project.